Salt, Better Eating Habits and Extreme Frugality

By | May 11, 2017



  • Three Hidden Factors Linked to Better Eating Habits | Gallup
    • 1. Surround yourself with supportive and health-conscious people, 2. Find the right career for you, 3. Get your finances in order. Seems simple enough. Hang out with the right people, have a job that gives you a feeling of purpose and plan for your financial future and you will gravitate toward healthier eating habits.
  • Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be Wrong | New York Times
    • Research suggests that higher salt content in your diet can cause your body to generate more fluid (urine). And that process requires more energy by burning fat. Downside is it can burn muscle and make you hungrier. There is a lot packed into this article, so take the time to read it.
  • There Is One Way Out of Debt-Serfdom: Fanatic Frugality | oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith
    • A two step process: 1. Save tons of money through fanatic frugality, 2. Invest it in productive assets. So what is fanatic frugality? Saving one-third to one-half of your income. Read on for a few examples of what extreme frugality looks like.