Proof that my wife loves me and wants me to be happy

My wife and I own a small antique business (it’s really hers, but my name is on it, too). She saw this bike for sale at a local estate sale and immediately showed it to me. I have been looking for this specific bike in my size for the past several years. She saw it, told me to go look at it to make sure it was worth the price and then bought it for me. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. I haven’t figured out exactly what year, it’s in the 1995-1997 range. Bianchi Veloce with Campy Veloce groupset with TTT stem and handlebars and FIR Nettuno aero rims. I think the bike had everything original except the tires (I swapped out the saddle).

Dynamic Warmup: The Pro’s Secret to Better Performance. The weather is getting cooler, so properly warming up is going to be more important going forward. From the post:

This means we want to check all the boxes that a well-designed dynamic warmup can offer us, including:

  • Increasing core body temperature
  • Preparing the body for the movements we are going to do
  • Changing the internal environment (hormonally AND mentally)
  • Firing up supporting muscles
  • Addressing imbalances or movement issues

This last one is commonly not known and is one of the “big secrets” of professional strength coaches.  We can drastically improve your strength balance at each joint, as well as improve how your body is moving, through a consistent dynamic warm-up. “

Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysate, and Concentrate: Which Is Best? I use whey protein in smoothies on a regular basis. This is a good summary of the types of whey protein powders and when to use them. Apparently I should make some changes.

Gut Training for Endurance Athletes with Patrick Wilson. As I’ve been training for longer endurance bike rides, in ride nutrition has been a little less than perfect. Not bad, just not perfect. Salt, carbs, and other electrolytes. This podcast gets into all of it. Most important thing I’ve discovered is to keep my long rides in a lower heart rate zone, so as not to burn off stored carbs for energy, but to allow the body to burn fat instead, preserving carbs for later in the rides.

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