After providing testimony to the Texas House State Affairs Committee on March 13, it became apparent that in order to succeed in my quest to end Daylight Saving Time in Texas, I needed more friends. I found the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR). Working my way down the list of members of the […]

Let’s explore the death and destruction that semi-annual ritual of changing our clocks is implicated. Stroke. A study by Finnish researchers, Daylight Saving Time Transitions, Incidence and In-Hospital Mortality of Ischemic Stroke,  found a disturbing pattern of Ischemic Stroke incidence as it relates to the annual switch to Daylight Saving Time. Ischemic Stroke is the […]

This article expands on the dangers and costs of switching to Daylight Saving Time. We’ll start with death and destruction. Workplace injuries, it seems, are more numerous and more severe on the Monday following the annual switch to Daylight Saving Time. At least that is the conclusion of researchers in the paper, Changing to Daylight […]