August 22, 2017 – What I’m reading today

How Welfare States Make Us Less Civilized – Mises Institute – The economic argument against the welfare state, and even the concept of the universal basic income. This argument aligns nicely with the moral argument for entrepreneurship, which is to provide a needed service to others.

Mental Money: The Psychology of Subscription Payment Options – – A short article exploring a few irrational actions people have with respect to money.

Private Schools First, Public Schools Last in K-12 Ratings – Gallup – Public opinion appears to favor private schools over public schools, but I think this study does not actually tell us anything of real value. This study measured public opinion of generic school types. A better study might have been to understand how parents of school age children rate their child’s school on a similar metric.

Your brain on chocolate – Harvard Health Blog – I don’t eat chocolate because of my sweet tooth, I eat chocolate because it makes me smarter.