The following was published in the Dallas Morning News last week:

Re: “Time change plan gaining momentum – Voters would decide on measure that would put end to changing clocks,” March 14 Metro & Business story.

The plan Rep. Lyle Larson has concocted will not necessarily bring an end to the practice of changing our clocks. Under the Uniform Time Act of 1966, any state may opt out of daylight saving time, but no state may adopt it year-round. To stay on daylight saving time requires an act of Congress. Larson’s plan will give the voters of Texas a false choice. Voters may believe they are voting to stay on daylight saving time, but what they will actually be voting for is to keep the status quo, adjusting our clocks twice a year until Congress finally acts. Good luck with that.

In 2018, Republicans from all corners of the state adopted Plank 307 to end daylight saving time. I know because I wrote the resolution. The vote margin was 2 to 1. Larson, with Rep. Dan Flynn, authored HB 49 to accomplish the will of the Republican Party of Texas. A companion bill in the Senate is SB 190, coauthored by Sens. Jose Menendez (San Antonio),  Bob Hall (eastern Dallas County and counties to the east) and Bryan Hughes (northeast Texas). If you hate the time change, the best chance to make it stop is to encourage your state reps and state senators to support HB 49 and SB 190.

Jerry Berggren, Dallas

A curious thing about what the Dallas Morning News published; two letters, both opposed to Daylight Saving Time. One by a child who hates waking up in the dark, and mine. I am honored to have second billing in this debate.