Dec 2018

LCHF: 4 weeks

This is meant as an update to my post, What have I gotten myself into?

It’s been exactly 4 weeks since I started a low carb, high fat diet. With only 2 exceptions (Thanksgiving was one of them, yesterday was the other) my daily carbohydrate intake has been below 50g, with most days below my target of 44g.

My weight loss has been steady and rather dramatic, averaging about 2 pounds per week.

Some of this is likely just due to fewer calories in, but until this week, I also had fewer calories out as I cut my exercise routine dramatically. The idea is to not introduce too many possible confounding factors.

The most revealing insight I’ve had so far in this process is the apparent biological need I have for ‘carb cycling’ – one day per week where carb intake is three times higher than the rest of the week. My carb cycling needs appear to be once every two weeks. As I get a sense of my body’s biological preferences, I can fine tune my approach.

But before I settle into a new pattern completely I have another experiment to run on myself. I will develop the protocol this weekend and probably implement during the week leading up to the annual Holiday Stuffing.