This article expands on the dangers and costs of switching to Daylight Saving Time. We’ll start with death and destruction. Workplace injuries, it seems, are more numerous and more severe on the Monday following the annual switch to Daylight Saving Time. At least that is the conclusion of researchers in the paper, Changing to Daylight […]

We are mere days away from the change. In the middle of the night as we transition from Saturday to Sunday, the time on our clocks will change. The irony is that as we transition to Daylight Saving Time, we lose an hour. It’s just an hour. No big deal, right? Cue a parable. One […]

Do arbitrary clock conventions help determine the geographic distribution of educational attainment levels? Maulik Jagnani, Poor Sleep: Sunset Time and Human Capital Production. Nov. 1 2018 This question is the premise for an analysis of the effect of the time of day the sun sets (and by extension rises) on academic achievement for India’s school […]