August 14, 2017 – What I’m Reading Today

By | August 14, 2017

Corporate Income Tax, Legal Form of Organization, and Employment – – This paper posits that elimination of the corporate tax rate would result in a huge reduction of non-employment. Why hasn’t Congress done this already?

Cancer incidence attributable to lifestyle and environmental factors in Alberta in 2012: summary of results – – Almost half of all cancers can be linked to lifestyle and environmental factors. This is going to be the low end of the percent of cancers attributable to lifestyle and environment because the researchers don’t know what they don’t know on the subject.

Battle of the Behemoths – James Howard Kunstler, – I’m not sure I can buy into his theory that all things large will collapse and we will be forced to find a way to source everything locally. There are certainly some things that will collapse, but everything?

Apple Fennel Salad – – I am going to have to give this a try…just as soon as I can remember to purchase some fennel.