A Profile in Character (or lack thereof): Wendy Davis

By | September 18, 2014

A few weeks back I sent a message to all four of the announced candidates for Texas Governor. Two of them responded. Wendy Davis was not among the responding campaigns.

For the record, I have not signed up as a supporter of any candidate, nor have I even provided the least indication of where my support may lie, I have only asked questions through their website.

Since communicating with each campaign, I have received zero emails, other than to answer my question, from Greg Abbott‘s campaign, from Kathie Glass‘ campaign, and nothing whatsoever from Brandon Parmer‘s campaign (which I believe has a staff of one, Mr. Brandon Parmer, himself). However, the Wendy Davis campaign has latched on to me like the lonely homely girl still at the bar when the last call lights come on. I have received no less than a half dozen emails in the past four weeks and at least four phone calls from their grassroots coordinators, all trying to recruit me to make phone calls, block walk or donate to the Wendy for Governor campaign.

And still no answer to my question.

So I ask, if a candidate is only willing to communicate with me in order to receive, and is not willing to share something as simple as an answer to a simple question, what will her administration be like? Will an unresponsive candidate also be an unresponsive public servant? Or, are we to expect that Wendy Davis, the candidate, a taker, is an exact opposite of a potential Wendy Davis, governor, a servant?

Based on my experience with people and candidates, I don’t think so.